The Schneider Ladies

Meet the Ladies

We're basically just a small girl gang united by adoption through foster care because of Jesus.

Beth Schneider

Beth Joy

I’m the Mama! My favorite things include swinging in the hammock, watching The Bachelor, and dancing to music with the girls.

Ava Grace

I’m Ava, and I’m mama’s big helper! When I’m not practicing my cheerleading skills on the trampoline, I’m watching Disney channel shows. My favorite movie is Zombies 1 & 2.

Sadie Faith

I’m Sadie, and I’m fabulous! I love all things fancy, and one day I’m going to be a pop star. I love playing dress up, but I also love to catch cute little bugs and play in the sand box.

Nora Hope

I’m the sassy red head of the family. My mom says my hair runs deep into my soul, and I’ve got a bold spirit. I love my blanket (“my why”) above everything else in the world. I also love Toy Story!

Mia Truth

I’m Mia! I’m the spunky one, and though I’m the smallest, I’m not the youngest. I’m 4 months older than Lucy, and I won’t let her forget it. I love playing outside and playing with my puppy. I love to snuggle the most!

Lucy Love

I’m Lucy! I’m the youngest, and I make sure I don’t lose out on any attention. I know how to make sure they all pay attention to me whether or not it comes down to screaming happily or pulling their hair. I love to have my picture taken!

Did you know that each of our middle names have a meaning and a story with how they were chosen?

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