5 Ways You Can Support Foster Parents

Mia’s newborn family shoot

While not everyone is called to foster, everyone can get involved in foster care by supporting foster families as they take in new sweet kiddos.

  1. Celebrate their journey! Each child deserves to be loved and celebrated, and just because foster kids don’t always come as newborn babies doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be gifted cute outfits and sweet toys.
  2. Offer specific help. Foster care is overwhelming and hard. When offering to help, be specific in how you would like to help whether that be babysitting, bringing a meal, giving a gift card for restaurants or groceries, or supplying some of the basic gear or necessities.
  3. Meal train for the first week or two. The first couple of weeks with a new placement are such a whirlwind with court, meetings, and various other required appointments, and having meals provided can help relieve that stress so they can pour that energy back into their families as they adjust to their new normal.
  4. Pray over them. Foster care is a spiritual battleground. The enemy wants to see families broken and destroyed, and foster care is at the front lines of this battle. Pray that God protects all involved in the case – the foster children, the foster parents, the judges, the case workers, and especially the biological parents.
  5. Be understanding. Foster care changes your life, and foster families are constantly changing their day-to-day normal. Showing grace and understanding to them as they adjust and pivot accordingly is incredibly helpful and encouraging as they love children from hard places.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Support Foster Parents”

  1. Yes to all of these!! When I started my foster care journey I was 22 years old and single, but I had a tribe behind me that made it possible for me.

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